You can turn the pain and stress of divorce
       into your most beautiful story of transformation yet.

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Now Is The Time To Reclaim Your Life After Divorce

“I had a major breakthrough in my esteem and self-love.”

“Christine gives you her full attention. In this day and age to have someone’s full attention is amazing enough but to have someone with such grace and wisdom to help guide you is a blessing. She is so real and caring.”

– Amber W., Texas, USA

“She is in 100% through your process.”

“Christine is an amazing, compassionate coach with incredible life experience. With her support during my darkest hours, she has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and give me different perspectives, even when I didn’t think it was possible.”

– Tiffany M., California, USA

“She has a way of listening, REALLY hearing the conflict/challenge.”

“Talking to Christine is like being rescued from a boat that is floating aimlessly in the waters. She helps me get back on course every time. Thank you, Christine!”

– V. D., Texas, USA

“Christine has helped me to better myself and encouraged me to be a willing participant in facing my fears to find direction in my life.”

“I can honestly say that Christine comes from the heart in her desire to help you succeed. She gently coaxes you to delve into yourself to find the answers that are blocking you from moving forward.”

– Y. Park, California, USA

“She listens and asks the hard questions you’ve avoided asking yourself”

“Christine is there–I mean always there–when you need her. She helps you challenge what does not serve you anymore and overcome deep fears. Christine is also your biggest cheerleader.”

– S. C., Texas, USA

“Christine is a natural and gifted coach who holds you in her caring heart.”

“She listens with a discerning ear to what your soul is sharing. With wisdom and inspiration she guided me to greater understanding of my soul’s purpose. ”

– M. Ziff, Washington, USA

“Talking to Christine is always joyful”

“She is so calm and a great listener. She stays focused on what you want for your life. Her voice is full of patience and she’ll even make you laugh when you feel it’s almost impossible to.”

– A. Shah, India

“The support I received from Christine was extremely helpful in getting my life on track regarding my finances and personal struggles.”

“Sometimes I set goals for myself but would get lost along the way. Coaching with Christine reinforced my goals and always reminded me of what I had my sights set on.

Her constant support and wisdom taught me so much about coping with all the chaos life throws our way while appreciating the good times as well.”

– L. LaVecchia, New York, USA

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You can turn the pain and stress of a divorce...into your most beautiful transformation yet.