It’s your time to emerge as
the woman you’re destined to be…



You’re here today because you don’t know how to create a new life after the drama and trauma of your divorce….and you’re ready to finally take control of your life and feel alive again.

Maybe you’re struggling to let go of the past and need to find a way to finally move forward.

Maybe you’re worried about your kids and how seeing you so distraught is affecting them.

Maybe you’re worried about your financial future and everything you built during the marriage.

It’s hard to be in such a difficult transition but I can tell you…
even though you feel like your world is falling apart right now…
you’re actually preparing for your breakthrough.

Take my hand, because this is where you will find your wings and learn to fly.

Now is your time to Emerge.

You can let go of the past hurt and transform your life. Everything has led you to this moment. There are no mistakes.

I’ve taken this journey myself and I hope you’ll trust me when I say, you CAN do this, too.

I promise a life where you’re fully yourself, totally at peace and excited about the next stage!

Will you take that first step with me today?

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My Journey to Emerge…
how I went from divorce drama… to a kick-ass mamma… and beyond!

It’s hard to imagine that I had a Master’s Degree in Social Work, spent years overcoming a severe eating disorder and yet, when faced with my own marital crisis, I had a profound sense of loss and confusion that continued well into my divorce.

I couldn’t believe that after filing four times in 2 years, suffering from anxiety that landed me twice in the ER and recognizing that despite all my fears that it was time to end my marriage, I was still hiding in the bathroom to avoid my two daughters asking if I was ok, my jaw ached from clenching out of constant frustration of trying to juggle it all and, no matter how hard I tried, I was still reading and re-reading his criticizing and demeaning emails wondering if this horrid woman he kept talking about was me.

It isn’t easy to find your sanity in an insane divorce,
but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Despite my then 15 year old daughter needing the support, love and care of two parents to help her through severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks–she only got one. Suddenly, I was hit with the reality that I had been in a narcissistic relationship. Everything made sense now.

If I wanted to get both my daughters through this dark time, I was on my own.
I reflected back onto my recovery from bulimia and realized that I needed to follow a similar approach. So, I reached out for support, …

My major lessons through this all is:

  • Finding your “normal” again takes time and patience.
  • You don’t have to struggle alone.

There’s no way of going around the pain–you’ve got to go through it.

After over 20+ years of self-reflective studies, acquiring a Masters in Social Work, helping others through their eating disorders, addictions and mental health issues, I’ve found my true passion of guiding women to create the life of their dreams despite their fears, frustration and insecurities.

As an iPEC Certified Life Transition Coach, I’ve helped women around the world release the grip of a painful divorce, embrace their life today and step into their power to create a life they absolutely desire and deserve.