It’s hard to imagine that I filed for divorce four times in two years. Each time, I found myself paralyzed and unable to make a clear, confident choice.

It’s hard to imagine that I was riddled with guilt, fear and insecurity for more years than I care to admit.

I was living in a fog. And oh so stressed. I developed shingles, trench mouth (something that soldiers have during wartime!) and, even after multiple visits to the ER, I still couldn’t catch a full breath. My kids didn’t like me much either. Let’s just say I had turned into Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.

It’s hard to imagine that I had a Master’s degree in Social Work, spent years helping people overcome a life of addiction as well as other life issues, and yet, when faced with my own marital crisis, I felt a profound sense of loss and confusion.

I attended week-long retreats and couples workshops, and even consulted psychics, but nothing worked. Everything remained the same – I kept going in circles – until it suddenly dawned on me. I wasn’t doing the deep work that I have asked of my clients going through the throes of addiction.

I was desperate…

I realized I had to make my decision about whether to stay or leave my marriage based on the same fundamental principles that I had used to help my clients live a life of greater potential.

I consolidated these principles into a unique process called E.M.E.R.G.E. and developed a specialized coaching practice to guide other men and women toward achieving marital clarity. You can watch me present these principles here.

Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it emerged as an exquisite butterfly. So can you. I invite you to learn more about Emerge Now Coaching and working with me here.

I am passionate about guiding men and women who are ambivalent about staying in their relationship toward making choices that will bring clarity and contentment back into their lives.

As an iPEC Certified Life Coach, I will help you E.M.E.R.G.E. from a clouded state, find healthy ways to respond rather than impulsively react and regain the energy necessary to stay motivated and committed to your goals.

“Having a life coach is like having ‘wind beneath your wings’. The support I received from Christine was extremely helpful in getting my life on track regarding my finances and personal struggles. Sometimes I set goals for myself but would get lost along the way. Christine’s weekly phone calls reinforced my goals and always reminded me of what I had my sights set on. Her constant support and wisdom taught me so much about coping with all the chaos life throws our way while appreciating the good things as well. For that, I am truly grateful. I would recommend Christine as a life coach to anyone in need of some enlightening and guidance.”

L. LaVecchiaNew York, USA

“Christine is a natural and gifted coach who holds you in her caring heart and listens with a discerning ear to what your soul is sharing. She deftly uses her honed intuitive skills as part of her multi-faceted toolbox. With wisdom and inspiration, she has guided me to greater understanding of my soul’s purpose and an appreciation of the stepping stones that help me reach the shore.”

M. ZiffWashington, USA

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christine for several months now and I can honestly say she comes from the heart in her desire to help you succeed. She gently coaxes you to delve into yourself to find the answers that are blocking you from moving forward. Unlike so many others who try to commit to a hard-set schedule, Christine lets you create your own schedule. There is no recrimination or sense of disappointment if the deadline is not met, just an acceptance of the fact and encouragement to try again, get up again, to take one more step again. She encourages you to see and celebrate every small moment of success. With her support and guidance, Christine has helped me to better myself and encouraged me to be a willing participant in facing my fears to find my direction in life. Though we have coaches, more familiarly known as teachers, mentors, counselors, trainers, for so many other aspects of our lives, we seem to forget the most important one: the coach we need to help direct our life and/or career path. So many of us underestimate the power of a personal coach, myself included. Yet, when I look back at how far I have come with Christine’s assistance, I know I wouldn’t have accomplished what I have so far if not for her wise counsel and gentle push which continues to this day. I would recommend Christine to whoever is looking to find her personal path to success, whatever definition that may be.”

Y. ParkCalifornia, USA

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