Free Guide: 4 Ways to Be a Kick-Ass Mama in the Narcissistic World of Divorce

BY Christine Khetarpal | August 15, 2019

Ending your marriage with a narcissist can be one of the most challenging – and empowering – choices you’ll make. Recognizing and facing your spouse’s NPD and narcissistic tendencies – and having the confidence to say:

“You know what, no thank you. I’m not available for that anymore…”

That is a feat in and of itself. 

And, when children are involved? That feat becomes nothing less than the trial of a lifetime. But, it is one that you can all survive – and even thrive through. 

Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. (That’s not my style).  Co-parenting in a narcissistic relationship is challenging – but it’s not impossible. Growth in any part of your life takes time, patience and practice. When YOU master standing in your power, you’re back in control – and you empower your kids to do the same.

As a Life After Divorce Coach with a Masters in Social Work, I’ve worked with many a client who has experienced the sudden wake-up call. It dawns on her that she’s been living in a narcissistic relationship. Now she is trying to figure out how to navigate the rough waters as a co-parent. (And they are rough. 😨)

Is this you right now? Perhaps the writing was always on the wall – but you didn’t see it for over 20 years (like me).  Or, maybe you chose to ignore his personal verbal attacks, in hopes that maybe one day he’d change… 

I know you meant well.  You believed in focusing on the “good,” expecting it to keep the peace.  You prayed for answers to questions that baffled you:

  • Why won’t he apologize?
  • Why does he act as if the entire world revolves around him?
  • Why can’t he see the pain he’s causing all of us?


I’m here to tell you that it’s time to stop banging your head against the wall and wake up to the fact that his irrational behavior will NEVER make sense.

And while this may feel like a far stretch right now, the reality is that narcissistic relationships can’t be radically changed without some type of intense therapy.  (And believe me, I am by no way minimizing or condoning narcissistic abusive behavior.) Since the narcissist usually doesn’t see the error of his ways, it’s highly unlikely you or your children will ever have a healthy relationship with him. 

I know. It’s a tough pill to swallow. And, yes, it’s sad.  But it’s not hopeless.

That’s why I created a free guide this month to help:

4 Ways to be a Kick-Ass Mama in the
Narcissistic World of Divorce – with Children:

life-saving tips that will stop you and your children from
drowning in times of guilt and despair.  


I crafted this 13-page downloadable just for you – the KICK-ASS MAMA who knows it’s possible for her family to grow through this experience and thrive… and needs strategies to make it so. 

In it, I’ll show you how to:

  • Equip yourself with confidence – so you can handle anything that comes your way (Yes, even the crazy sh*t!)  
  • Stay calm and centered when in a room with someone who has narcissistic tendencies (Your ex, yes. But also others who trigger you.) 
  • Have real conversations and express yourself fully – for your own sake, and to model for your children. 
  • Set – and maintain – the boundaries that will save your sanity. 
  • Get support – which is critical for standing in your own power to advocate for yourself and your family. 

Ready to learn these strategies – and be the KICKASS MAMA that your kids need – now more than ever?

Download the guide – for FREE – here: